About Us

Our Market View

“Liquids, fluids, chemicals and other materials are vital to the operation, performance, maintenance and protection of vehicles, engines, drives, mechanisms, components and equipment that need care. FLUXOTIC aspires to provide everything needed for the proper application and usage of these materials.”

FLUXOTIC represents genuine advancement. Beside a wide line of specialized solutions, we offer detailed and up-to-date information on applications and finished products. More importantly, we have the intelligence to offer solutions that suit your requirements. Most of the times, these solutions result in increased efficiency, decreased costs and optimized equipment

The Platform

FLUXOTIC, operating through an advanced online platform, aims to offer unique solutions for professionals, hobbyists, athletes and craftsmen, as well as provide customized solutions for your very specific application.

For us, the internet means more than just data transfer. It means staying connected to our customers. Our platform brings together everything our customers need in one convenient place. Based on the fourfold benefit, availability – advocacy – accessibility – affordability, our platform offers a unique place for solutions, information and knowledge. Purchasing goods, tracking orders and obtaining technical and safety data sheets can all be done online – increasing speed and flexibility while reducing costs.

Brands and Products

Our direct relation with manufacturers, along with our experience, give us the unique advantage of having access to the process, structure and purpose behind any given product we market. This gives us the opportunity to market products based on their real benefits and values.

Furthermore, we pay particular attention to brands and their essence. Brands include a message and a promise. Many times, they define expectations and express assurance. FLUXOTIC performs in that way, so that brand essence comes out authentically, reaching those needs it may, tangibly, suit and add value to.



OLLETS is an end-to-end provider of fluids, materials and equipment in the area of asset maintenance, serving various industries across diverse geographical regions. For further info, visit www.ollets.com.

* OLLETS Limited is a company registered in Cyprus with company number HE383118 and VAT number 10383118F