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Fin Super with MicPol®️ offers technologically advanced protection to fishing equipment like nothing else in the market.

In this kit, Fin Super is combined with Eco Degreaser, Metal Clean F and Assembly Grease in order to additionally offer:

  1. The opportunity for optimum fishing-rod (initial) cleaning that will ultimately lead to an even more economical maintenance regime
  2. The ease of rinsing the fishing rod after every session, using Eco Degreaser, a human- and environmentally-friendly degreaser that comes in a spray bottle, ready for instant use
  3. A vital solution for sealing bearings and threaded connections using Assembly Grease as well as Tube Dispenser for precision


The versatility of Fin Super lies in its universal use – the oil cleans, lubricates, preserves and protects

against corrosion, also in salty environments.


  • Non-Greasy compared to conventional oils
  • Small, practical packaging for easy handling
  • Clean, dry lubrication and anti-corrosion protection of vital parts such as gears, ball bearings, mill cranks and mill slips
  • Guarantees the correct working of all moving elements, reduces wear and tear, avoids costly repairs
  • Works its way in to the narrowest spaces of your equipment leaving a dry lubricating film with MicPol® sliding particles avoiding sticking of dust, sand and air-born particles
  • User-friendly and replaces several products
  • Extends the lubrication interval up to 10 times
  • Protects your reel and make it last for years


How To Use and Combine:


  1. Always rinse your whole rod with Eco Degreaser in order wipe away sea water from a recent fishing session. It will remove all dirt and will remove salty water residues
  2. When maintaining your rod, use Metal Clean F to remove fine dirt and residues from older and/or previous oils
  3. Use the Tube Dispenser, to apply Assembly Grease to bearings, threaded pieces, pieces that insert, or pieces that require fastening
  4. Apply Fin Super Dry Lube to all mechanisms and parts, inclusive of reel foot, bail arm, handle, handle knob, front drag, spool and line roller


Instruction for using Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube:

  1. Shake the product
  2. Apply on a cleaned surface and leave for 10 minutes
  3. Then wipe off all oil = dry lubrication with MicPol®


With subsequent applications, it is no longer necessary to use a cleaner.


What To Expect:

  • Because Fin Super Dry Lube remains dry, it will not collect any particles nor messy residue, either
  • It will last up to 10 times longer than other lubricants, thanks to the micronization and polarization of its ingredients
  • Fin Super Dry Lube repels water instantly thus eliminates rust and does not wash off. Consequently, with just a few quick drops, superior lubrication and extended protection against rust, last continuously


Further Uses

Fin Super is also a fantastically versatile product, with hundreds of uses in the home, office, workshop, or garage. Use it on anything that moves or needs protection. Specifically for fishing activities, it can be used as below:

  • It will coat the finish of lures and hook protectors, and will protect them against rust. It will even help keep hooks sharper longer
  • You can spray it onto any type of blade. It will adhere to the blade surface magnetically, the same way it does on any other application. Not only will it protect from rust, it helps keep blades sharper longer
  • It also makes folding or hinging mechanisms (such as on a pocket knife, clasp knife, or a pair of scissors) work much more smoothly. Fin Super helps them slide open easily, over and over
  • Spray it inside and outside of the Tackle Box Protector, both outside and inside, inclusive of metal, plastic and other surfaces. Fin Super will ensure hinges continue to work smoothly and will sufficiently protect rust, sand, dirt, and any other nasty bits (like dried worms, fish guts, or blood) from adhering to the inside and creating a less-than-pleasant environment




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