Synthetic ATV/UTV Powertrain Fluid is recommended by AMSOIL as a replacement for two different Polaris original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fluids: Polaris Demand Drive Fluid and Polaris AGL Synthetic Gearcase Lubricant and Transmission Fluid. Synthetic ATV/UTV Powertrain Fluid’s versatility allows enthusiasts to buy just one lubricant to service high-stress transmission/differentials, front drives and hubs, increasing convenience and cost-savings. Extensive testing in the AMSOIL mechanical lab proves the product’s excellent performance in these applications.

Severe-Service Wear Protection:
Synthetic ATV/UTV Powertrain Fluid's durable synthetic base oils naturally resist viscosity loss due to mechanical shear better than conventional oils. It forms a strong lubricating film to keep metal components separated despite extreme pressure and heat from working hard or riding aggressively. It delivers confidence that your machine is protected in the toughest conditions, even if you have modified your ATV or UTV with a plow, winch, door panels and other accessories that increase weight and severity of service.

Keeps components clean:
By resisting oxidation better than standard-service lubricants, Synthetic ATV/UTV Powertrain Fluid helps prevent deposits, which act as an insulator and prevent optimum heat dissipation. Transmissions/differentials and front drives not only run cooler, they remain clean for maximum performance and service life.

Excellent startup protection:
Synthetic ATV/UTV Powertrain Fluid features a low pour point (-58°F [-50°C]) for fast, reliable lubricant flow at startup, even in harsh winter climates. Its excellent cold-flow provides outstanding wear protection in extreme conditions while also reducing energy wasted circulating cold, thick fluid for maximum fuel efficiency.

Premium, Purpose-Built Alternative:
AMSOIL Synthetic ATV/UTV Powertrain Fluid is purpose-built and recommended by AMSOIL for use in Polaris ATV/UTV transmission/differentials and front drives. Its unique formulation provides the convenience of buying only one lubricant for both areas instead of having to buy two different original equipment manufacturer (OEM) lubricants. It offers enthusiasts a high-performance alternative to OEM fluids.

  • Protects heavily loaded, high-torque gears
  • Designed to prevent clutch chatter
  • Flexible easy-pack for clean, fast installation
  • High-performance alternative to Polaris Demand Drive Fluid and Polaris AGL Synthetic Gearcase Lubricant and Transmission Fluid

Use in Polaris RANGER, RZR, GENERAL and Sportsman transmission/differentials, front drives and hubs calling for Polaris Demand Drive Fluid or Polaris AGL Synthetic Gearcase Lubricant and Transmission Fluid. Also for use in ATVs & UTVs that require wet-brake-compatible fluid, including those made by Kawasaki, Yamaha and Argo. Do not use in applications requiring API GL-5 fluid.

Follow the original equipment manufacturer's oil change recommendation




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